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Dr. Kevin G. Pinney, professor of chemistry, is the University Faculty Ombudsperson.


  1. One who investigates complaints and mediates fair settlements, especially between aggrieved parties such as consumers or students and an institution or organization.
  2. A government official, especially in Scandinavian countries, who investigates citizens' complaints against the government or its functionaries.

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What is the role of the Ombudsperson at Baylor University?

At Baylor, the Ombudsperson for Faculty is a designated neutral who provides confidential and informal assistance for resolving disputes arising between faculty members or between a faculty member and the administration, especially those disputes that are not being addressed by established university procedures. The Ombudsperson is independent of the university's formal administrative structure and strives to consider all sides of an issue in an impartial and objective manner. The Ombudsperson cannot impose solutions but identifies options and strategies for the resolution of disputes.